Play Pokemoncraft!

Hi... This is an worldwide request to every human on earth: PLAY POKEMOCRAFT!!!

i will show u some pictures taken from my profile on pokemoncraft:

Have u ever played pokemon platinum/diamond/pearl? (sandgem town)

Do u recognise this place, huh? Yes ur righ, its viridian forest, from the kanto region!

Now, i have showed 2 pictures from 2 regions. That means more pokemon games are drawn togheter... It is actally possible to travel from sinnoh-Kanto. Those NPC trainers are not online trainers. Pokemoncraft isnt done yet, but thats the nice thing... cuz then u have something to wait 4. almost every week are there new updates on the game. Now i wil show u ho to create a pokemoncraft profile:

First, click on this link:

Then, write ur user name. (U will have this name while playing)

Then, write in ur password, 2 times.

next, ur email adress....

then, choose ur image. (there is possible to change later in the game)

choose ur starter pokemon. these starters are: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Tododile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Piplup, Chimchar and Turtwig... Choose the one U want!

now, complete registration.

now, u have to log on to ur email account to activate your pokemoncraft user... As soon as the pokemoncraft account is activatet, u can start playing. From now on, when playing pokemoncraft, just push login, then write in ur Pokemoncraft name and password... Easy, isnt it? (The reason its not pictures of the registration is because my computer was messed up)

Pokemoncraft`s admin is CeFurkan... he is the one that updates pokemoncraft. if u have a question, he is always happy to help. U can aslo ask the moderators, wich have high experience with pokemon and can answer some questions, they aswell. <--- hmm... what could this link lead to?

Well, lets be honest. every single thing inthis game arent just so easy as u think... u might need some help on ur way to greatness. This video is that help... along with about 15 more videos on youtube, u can get help in all ways.

If u are the type of guy collecting legedaries, u should take ur time in this game. Not every legendarie is out in the wild yet, but someone are:


#380 Latias


#381 Latios

and Mesprit

#481 Mesprit

These are in the wild, the rest of the legendaries u must wait for.

If U think pokemoncraft sounds funny, cool and interesting, u must join. there are 400 active online players right now, but every minute that goes, there comes new players. Take ur chanse now!!!

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